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Meet the Excelsior Team

Albert A. Esquilin
CEO/President EXCELSIOR Services Network, LLC

As the founder of EXCELSIOR Security Training Academy, Mr. Esquilin brings over twenty (20) years of private sector Physical Security experience to each class he instructs. Running the gamut from serving as a Field Project Manager on numerous federal government General Services Administration (GSA) contracts from Director of Housing Security to large and small Section 8 Housing projects, Mr. Esquilin has experienced every aspect of the physical security arena.

He is a state-certified armed/unarmed security officer training instructor in Maryland, District of Columbia, New York, Delaware, Virginia; as well as being certified to train the various GSA Contract Guard/Physical Security Officer courses. As an Instructor in a number of subject areas including firearms, CPR/First Aid/AED, Expandable Baton, Mr. Esquilin, and his staff, impart a clear sense of the manner in which Physical Security Officers should carry out their assigned duties thus reflecting the highest levels of Courtesy – Professionalism – and Responsibility.

To that end, Mr. Esquilin, and the staff of EXCELSIOR Services - Security Training believe that their most important function as Physical Security Officer instructors is “Arming Students With Knowledge."

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Coordinated the training of over 400 armed GSA Contract Guard/Physical Security Officers assigned in southern California area (San Diego) and San Francisco Bay area supporting government agencies DEA/ATF/INS

  • Coordinated the training of over 250 armed GSA Contract Guard/Physical Security Officers assigned to Department of Transportation – Headquarters, Washington, DC

  • Maintains and coordinates training programs for several GSA Prime Contractor - Contract Guard/Physical Security Officer service providers.


  • Northwood Institute – Northwood, MI Associates Degrees – Business Management – 1992

  • National Rifle Association – Law Enforcement and SecurityFirearms Instructor – 1993

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Certified Instructor - 1991 Basic Security Officer/Supervisor Training/Revolver and Semi-Auto

  • American Red Cross Instructor for Workplace Safety CPR/Standard First Aid/AED – 1999 

  • State Certified (armed/unarmed) Security Officer Instructor for: Department Homeland Security - Maryland – Virginia –

Jamie Brasher
Security Police Force Training Manager Department of Energy Headquarters, Washington, DC

Mr. Brasher brings over twenty years of experience ranging from field service as a Nuclear Power Plant Security Police Lieutenant to his current position as Lead Training Manager for Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters (HQ) Security Police Staff.


Mr. Brasher utilizes his security expertise in the presentation of the myriad of courses he is currently certified as an Instructor to facilitate for DOE. From presenting classes in Nuclear Facility - Basic Security Police functions to Special Response Team (SRT) training, Mr. Brasher brings a no-nonsense approach geared to ensuring Physical Security Officer survival.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Coordinated the intense training of the DOE Headquarters (HQ) SRT leading to the DOE HQ Team placement in fourth place in the 2003 National DOE SRT Competitions; coming from a preceding year of non-rank status.

  • Played a major role in 2002 providing General Services Administration (GSA) introductory firearm and intermediate force training to over two hundred fifty incumbent and recruit personnel serving as Department of Transportation - Physical Security Force

  • Established at DOE HQ the following training programs: Basic Instructor / Supervisory Development TrainingTrain-the-Trainer / Enhanced Range Firearms Qualification


  • Wayland Baptist University - Bachelor of Science Occupational Education - 2003

  • DOE Certified Instructor in following fields: Basic Security Police Instructor – 1994 Firearms Instructor – 1995 Safeguards and Security - 1996 Curriculum Development – 2001 Supervisor Development - 2001 Intermediate Force – 2003

  • Certified by DOE in following fields: Security Police Officer I, II, III Advanced Weapons Systems (MP5,M79, M203, M60) Sig Sauer & Glock Pistol Armorer Special Response Team (SRT) Class I and II

Floyd E. Favors, Jr.
Police Officer Housing Department, Washington, D.C.

Officer Favors brings over ten years of combined private security and District of Columbia Housing Police experience to the podium. A Golden Gloves boxing champion, Officer Favors stresses officer fitness combined with sharp mental preparedness. Completion of the National Rifle Association – Law Enforcement and Security Firearms Instructor course has added to his capabilities to impart information that fully prepares his students for assigned duties.


  • Prince George's County Community College – Associates Degree Criminal Justice – 1997

  • District of Columbia, Police Science Institute – General Law Enforcement Certification (with Honors) – 1998

  • National Rifle Association – Law Enforcement and Security Firearms Instructor

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Integral participant in 2002 providing General Services Administration (GSA) introductory firearm and intermediate force training to over two hundred fifty incumbent and recruit personnel serving as Department of Transportation - Physical Security Force

  • In 2004 Established a community based Boxing Club serving inner-city youth ages twelve through eighteen

Significant Accomplishments:

  • 1984 – United States Olympic Boxing Team

  • 1982-1983-1984 – World Amateur Golden Gloves Bantamweight Boxing Champion

Clifford Ward
President/CEO - PRIDE Security Agency, Inc.

As a retired United States Air Force E9, Mr. Ward comes with extensive experience in Physical Security, specializing in Nuclear Facility Security Operations. Mr. Ward is the founder of PRIDE Security Agency, Inc., specializing in providing Physical Security with a focus on Federal Government facilities.


Mr. Ward has previously served as General Manager to several national and international private security agencies, where-in his responsibilities included managing all matters relating to ensuring compliance to numerous contract service specifications. As well, utilizing his Air Force experience as Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of Nuclear Facility Security he has instituted formidable verification mechanisms coupled with intensive training vehicles to verify the capabilities of assigned security staff.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Thirty-two-year career in United States Air Force acquiring rank as First Sergeant (E9)

  • Designated as a United States Air Force – Personnel and Physical Security Specialist in Standardization and Evaluation Monitoring (QC)


  • New School Social Research – Bachelor of Science Human Resources - Management – 1983

  • Career College of USAF – Associates Degree Resource Management – 1984

  • Career College of USAF - Associates Degree Criminal Justice - 1982

  • State Certified/Licensed Private Security Services provider: Maryland / Virginia / Florida / District of Columbia

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