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See below to read some of the great things our past clients had to say about us. 

"On several occasions, I have utilized EXCELSIOR for various training needs and requirements and on each occasion the service was provided on a timely fashion and in the most professional manner. This included conducting a 9mm handgun certification for a staff of over 30 in Portsmouth, VA and doing the same for a staff of about the same in Boston, MA.


Additionally, Excelsior provided training for one of our government contracts here in the Washington DC area which is currently one of the largest in the area and their flexibility and willingness to accommodate the many scheduling horrors which we had was commendable. I personally would highly recommend EXCELSIOR Security Training to any agency seeking a top-notch, professional training firm and I would put my personal guarantee on your satisfaction."

TW & Company, Inc.
Darryl Q. Dameron
Chief Operating Officer

     “Ares Group, Inc. (AGI) has utilized the services of Excelsior to provide Virginia state firearm training as well as General Services Administration (GSA) 40-hour firearm training and qualification – and in all instances have been extremely pleased with the manner that the services were provided. The professionalism the Excelsior staff has displayed has, in the eyes of AGI Security Officers, and our client GSA/FPS reflected highly on AGI.

     Firearms training participants have remarked on the fullness of the instructional experience – effective instructor/student interaction, appropriate utilization of training aids, coupled with a sincere imparting of the importance of their assigned duties. As AGI provides current security services while continuing to seek out other such opportunities, we are steadfast in our belief that Excelsior will be there to support us in the manner that ensures our personnel remains “the best of the best”.”

ARES Group, Inc. – Alexandria, VA
Robert Gooden
Sr. Vice President

“As Shields of Honor (SOH) currently focuses on providing armed and unarmed security services to housing communities, the training of our personnel to safeguard tenants and property in this highly sensitive environment is one of our highest priorities.


The EXCELSIOR staff has risen to the occasion on numerous sites to ensure this standard is not just met but exceeded. The timely training EXCELSIOR has invested in displaying proper and highly functional patrol methods on-site has made certain that tenants and visitors to our assigned properties are fully aware of a security presence.

The capability of the EXCELSIOR training to effectively impart the best methods for site SOH Security Staff communication between tenants, and their guests, has, in turn, maximized our effectiveness.” 

Shields of Honor
Rufus Gillette

 “Mr. Esquilin, I am writing this letter to express my thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Security Force, for the training support Excelsior Security Training Academy (ESTA) provided during the transition of the DOT security force.As a direct result of you and your staff’s tireless efforts and commitment of time and resources, we were able to effect a seamless transition of management and forces in the security operations of DOT.

The training provided by Excelsior was of high quality and was the base of the building blocks of security skills we are currently implementing. I would not hesitate to utilize Excelsior Security Training Academy if the need arose in the future and would refer any security officer looking to obtain initial basic security officer training or recertification training to Excelsior.”

Department of Transportation Headquarters, Washington, DC

Donald J. Jones – Deputy Project Manager Security Operations 

“This letter is written in appreciation for the excellent training services you and your staff have provided Gonzaga College High School over the past several years. The professional acumen displayed by our Special Police Officer Security Force is a direct reflection of EXCELSIOR's capabilities to expertly relate the information necessary for the implementation of the duties required of them.

EXCELSIOR's effective inter-active training provided the Gonzaga Security Force the capabilities to not only receive vital information but to also actively discuss their roles. This coupled with attention to on-site training allowed for the Security Force to then tour the property and visualize their jurisdictional boundaries and fully appreciate the various measures of protecting those grounds and the students and staff thereon.


The EXCELSIOR stylized customer service training has provided the security staff an appreciation of the unique circumstance of securing a school for young adults in a busy metropolitan area. As well, your input regarding the acquisition of new armament has proven to be invaluable in ensuring the safety of the Security Force. We at Gonzaga College High School look forward to prolonged use of the excellent training services provided by EXCELSIOR Security Training.” 

Gonzaga College High School

Kevin W. White — Dean of Students 

“Excelsior has demonstrated an ability to perform qualification/certification for Eagle Technologies, Inc. (ETI) on short notice and without regard to the complexity of [meeting] difficult deadlines. The Firearms and CPR/First Aid training certification courses were very informative and professionally presented to our staff. In addition, we also appreciate your assistance with providing our own Director of Training invaluable insight to enhance the ETI training program.”

EAGLE Technologies, Inc. - Lanham, MD

Vincent P. Tolson, Vice President

“This letter is written in appreciation for the excellent support Excelsior has provided over the last several years while CDA personnel served as Physical Security for the Environmental Protection Agency. In every instance, whether during General Services Administration (GSA) 72 hour Basic Security Officer training, GSA 15 hour Re-certification training, or hand-held magnetometer training; Excelsior personnel displayed the highest standards of professionalism. I avidly look forward to having Excelsior make available your fine cadre of instructors again in the future.”

CDA Detective and Security Service, Memphis TN

Darryl Dates – Vice President

Some of our past clients had more to say than others! Please click the links below to read their full declaration letters.
DEFENSOR Security - Alexandria, VA
Robert Golden — President


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Tiger Professional Services Inc. - Silver Spring, MD

Toni Dixon-DeVoe — President & CEO


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Christa McAuliffe Residential Community | BSU - Bowie, MD

ReNesha Martin — Director of Affiliated Housing


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ELITE Security - Temple Hills, MD
LaShon Brown — Human Resources 


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Holiday International Security Services - Washington, DC
Michael Holiday — President/CEO


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Unity Health Care - Washington, DC
Sheilahn Davis-Wyatt — Chief Operating Officer


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