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The STARS Program curriculums are intended to help participants attain effective human relations skills with others in work or social environments.
Character Development

The STARS - Character Development module helps participants view as treasures, the relationships we create and maintain with others, whether in our career or personal world. Learning to manage our social and work relationships effectively depends on using good human relations strategies and principles. Participants will be able to:

  1. Assess own personality and increase sensitivity to the needs and intentions of others.

  2. Manage relationships effectively and handle conflicts tactfully and persuasively.

  3. Get tasks accomplished through relationships and influence others without being coercive or manipulate.

  4. Learn to deal with difficult people and situations on a win-win basis.

Emplyment Readiness

The STARS - Employment Readiness module equips the participants with a capability to utilize employment reference materials (i.e., computer-INTERNET access/job search engine listings) as well as an appreciation for the effective use of items that are intrinsic to the job search effort (ex. date book).

Participants will acquire the skills to:

  1. Identify viable employment opportunities.

  2. Complete the employment applications fully / compose the effective resume.

  3. Develop proper interview techniques.

  4. Choose appropriate attire.

  5. Utilize effective body language.

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