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As a federally recognized 5013(c) non-profit foundation, the STARS Program staff blends theory, research, and practical exercises with a focus on preparing participants to practice effective human relations in the work environment and provide a deeper appreciation for their own personal development. While also facilitating the presentation of information that develops a focused, business oriented/employment acquisition mindset, in a dynamic and imaginative fashion.

The STARS Program has been the fortunate recipient of financial and administrative support from such sponsors as:

» Mayor and Council Members of the City of District Heights,


Maryland » International House of Pancakes » Potomac Electric Power Company » AARP » City of District Heights, Maryland - Boys and Girl Club » National Federal Employees Organization - Blacks in Government » Office of the Federal Transportation and Safety Administration.

Intrinsic to the STARS - Character Development curriculum is utilization of personal insight instrument questionnaires and profiles designed to help participants navigate uncertain emotional terrain and chart a course for success.



The items listed below are for presentation to the applicant in the course of or at completion of the STARS - Employment Readiness module. The items listed or any preferred form of support should be addressed/delivered to the federally recognized 5013(c) non-profit entity:


STARS Program

Post Office Box 44931

Fort Washington, Maryland 20749

  • 1 inch notebook/binders and case of 3 hole lined notebook paper 1 inch three ring notebooks, with pockets with notepaper, to provide participants a location to store handouts provided with note paper for note taking;

  • Copy paper 1box each of copy paper, multi-colored and white; Pens/pencil sets to ensure participants have a writing utensil for use during and after program participation;

  • Metro Cards a minimum worth of five dollars ($5.00) to ensure the program graduate is provided the means of travel to and from the various interview locations in the metropolitan area, after course completion;

  • Food coupon so as to provide a meal in the course of attending employment interviews; in the metropolitan area, after course completion;

  • Valise/briefcase leather like or cloth valise/briefcase;

  • Calendar/date book calendar book with phone book insert;

  • Wrist watch conservative brown or black leather band watch;Electronic clock electric or battery powered alarm clock;

  • Grooming items - portable tooth brush w/tooth paste, compact comb/brush set, fingernail file/clipper set;

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