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Training Topics

Instructors involve students in active classroom and field instructor/student interaction. A variety of instructional electronic media are utilized to ensure full appreciation and comprehension of presented material. All courses include documented student acknowledgment of presented processes/procedures and conclude with a comprehension verification mechanism (i.e. written exam and/or skills display).

Tactics and Procedures 
  • Crime Scene Containment

  • Spontaneous Knife Defense

  • Self Defense Weapons and Techniques

  • 911 Police Response Tactics

  • Tactical Communications on Radio

  • Perimeter Security-Patrolling Perimeter Security Fences and Barriers

  • Perimeter Security Lighting-Alarm Calls and Building Searches

Supervisor Series 
  • Modules 1 thru 4:  Principles of Leadership, PT 1 Principles of Leadership, PT 2 Effective Communication Employee Performance Evaluations

  • Modules 5 thru 7: Time Management Behavior and Motivation Counseling and Sexual Harassment

  •  Modules 8 thru 10:  ​Substance Abuse Discrimination Career Development

Parking Lot Security /
Security Vehicle Use
  • Traffic Control and Safety

  • Parking Lot Security

  • Accident Avoidance in Parking Lot

  • Foot Patrol

  • Safe Driving for Security Officers

  • Bike Patrol

Miscellaneous Topics
  • Travel Safety

  • Identifying Gang Members

  • Mall Security

  • Slip and Fall Incident

  • Shift Work, Sleep, and Alertness

  • Avoiding the Lawsuit

Workplace Violence Series
  • Preventing Crime in the Workplace

  • The Security Officer Role in Crime Prevention

  • Interacting With Disturbed Persons

  • Assaults on the Premises

  • Handling An Irate Individual

Retail Security Series
  • The Shoplift and Characteristics of Shoplifter

  • Shoplifting Prevention – Awareness and Prevention Techniques

  • Shoplifting Prevention Observation, Detention, and Arrest Procedures

  • Electronic Alarm System (EAS)  - How It Works

Public Demonstrations
  • Strike Control

  • Crowd Control

Workplace Substance Abuse
  • The Drug Epidemic Substance Abuse in the Workplace

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